Here’s something special just for the ladies.


Ladies Keep Fit Class

The Ladies Keep Fit class has been around since 1995.  Meeting every Tuesday and Friday, 9.30am at the church premises, the ladies enjoy one and a half hours of exercises under the leading of a professional teacher. The cardiovascular  plus balancing, stretching and toning routine gives the ladies a very complete workout, preparing them well for their advancing years.  Our instructor, now in her mid 50’s, recently shared her recent experience as a pui yue when her stamina and strength in caring for the newborn far out weighed the new parents twenty years her junior!

All ladies (young and older) are welcome.  No registration needed.  Advisable to call Wai Ling (012-3839991) first – just in case the class is in recess.  Come in your exercise gear (tees and leggings/track bottoms), bring a towel and a mat to lie on and drinking water.

Fees: RM70 per month (twice a week) or RM40 per month (once a week),

More questions?  Email Wai Ling at or call her 012-3839991.


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