Promised Land? Please Pray!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God has blessed our church and despite planting new churches and “exporting” members all over the globe, we find that we are again busting at the seams.  We need more space to accommodate the growing numbers that come for our worship services and for our various ministries such as the Kid’s Church, Children’s Corner, Cornerstone and Youth Fellowship.  And every time we have special programs like our Christmas concerts, we have to rent nearby auditoriums and halls with larger capacity to host the events. Larger premises will also allow more facilities for members with young children and opportunities to start new ministries or expand existing ones.

The leadership has been asking us all to pray for God to guide the church and to provide the land for a new church building or to lead us to existing premises that could be used for our purposes.  Since we have been praying the last couple of months, a couple of possibilities have been developing and we have been given an appointment for a meeting this coming Tuesday that could lead to significant progress towards one of these possibilities.

So please pray earnestly for God to make the way straight and to overcome any potential obstacles; that our leaders going to the meeting will be guided by the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom and heart; and that we as a church will be united in seeking God’s direction in this matter.

Promised land? Please pray. (and we will keep you posted on the outcome of the Tuesday meeting)


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