Waters of Baptism (18th April 2012)

It was a great time of rejoicing on April 18th 2012 as we witnessed 9 of our brothers and sisters make a profession of their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and took the step of obedience by being baptised.

The service was chaired by Andrew Wong and a message was given by Titus Ma.  We also got to hear the testimonies from each of the baptisimal candidates which were so varied but all spoke of how God met them and their needs and how their life has been transformed by God’s love and redeeming grace.  The vast majority of the baptisimal candidates were from our youth and young people and it is always a joy to see God touching the lives of these young ones who are very much still at the start of their life journey.  It is our hope and prayer that their walk with God will grow closer over time and they will be both  blessed and be a blessing to others through their lives surrendered to Christ.  Of course, brother Choo Chan Fatt also took to the waters of baptism and we were encouraged and reminded that one is never too old and set in one’s ways to receive God’s grace and His gift of salvation.  Finally, one has to mention sister Sary.  We are so thankful to God for bringing our Cambodian sister into our midst and for the great help she has been to the Thomases.  And now our joy is further multiplied to see her joy at receiving the Lord Jesus into her life.

Our Elder, Uncle Tee Fatt, took on the responsibility and privilege to lead each of them through the waters of baptism.

The very next Sunday worship (April 25th),  Elder Calvin Tan welcomed all the newly baptised brothers and sisters to take part in the partaking of the bread and wine at the Lord’s Table.

Once again, our congratulations, best wishes and prayers go to the 9 newly baptised believers –  Choo Chan Fatt, Deborah Chew,  Emma Oh, Jonathan Chew, Karen Ng Yen Ling, Kee Ming Zhen,  Seow Jane Jayne,  Seow June Juan and Toung Sary,

The Celebrated Nine

Giving Testimony about God’s Goodness

Why I am Getting Baptised….

Uncle Tee Fatt: “Don’t forget to hold your breath…..”

Wet But All Smiles

Everyone Wants to Get in to the Picture!

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Confessions of an ex-Taoist Medium

Vincent Liow grew up in a staunch Taoist family. As a child, his parents would bring him to Taoist temples to seek the help of idols whenever he fell ill. As an adult, Vincent became a practicing Taoist medium for more than ten years. As a medium, Vincent would summon spirits and go into trance.

However, when he faced a serious crisis in his own life, he came to realise that these spirits had no power to help him with eternal issues but by God’s grace, he had an encounter with the living God which changed his life completely and he surrendered his life to Jesus.

Vincent has written a book about his experiences, “Confessions of an Ex-Taoist Medium” and has publicly shared his testimony on many occasions.

Vincent Liow will be at Bangsar Gospel Centre at 11.30 am, Sunday 22nd April 2012. (after Worship Service)

Come and listen to his testimony.  Bring along relatives and friends – especially those of Buddhist or Taoist backgrounds and beliefs.